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19-06-2013, 04:36 AM
Good day all,

Just wondering if anyone has updated to 2.65 on the OSTC 2n. I avoided the last update due to the icons changing (I liked having my Air/Nitrox/Trimix icons) to G1-6 designations on the home screen. Apparently menus have changed to be more like the 3....but I have no idea what the menus on the OSTC3 look like. So if anyone out there can do some screens for me, it'd be very much appreciated!

Looking at the image of the 2n (on the HW website) it looks like a stable v3 might be on the horizon. (Unit 7000 - top right hand corner).

Would be nice I can figure out how to update to 2.65 and how to restore icons/CF43. Might have a look this weekend.


E2A - Looking more closely at the website, looks like the housing as had an overhaul on it too. USB has moved to the back. All black bungee mount. Is this out yet? Seems to have been a sneaky release?!

Rob Dobson
19-06-2013, 07:59 AM
The OSTC 2n has been replaced by the OSTC 2c.

The OSTC 2c is a an OSTC 2 (MKII / 2n) but with a larger screen that is not only exceptionally good in the water it is also very good in direct sunlight.

The 2c is a little larger than the 2n, the USB port has moved to the back, there is now an LED by the charge port, the bungee mount is black and the battery is a little larger. Software is the same but with a different screen driver for the new screen.