View Full Version : Compact Travel Case for a complete JJ-CCR

11-05-2015, 07:15 PM
OK, requests for a travel solution for the JJ crop-up every now and again and I've just packed my unit ready for a Norway trip next week so here are the pictures and explanations:

I use a Peli 1600 (http://www.jitpak.com/peli-case-large/peli-1600.html) flight case. Actually, mine is an old 'King Pelican' but the only difference I can see is the rigid handle. The new case has a folding handle that slightly reduces the external dimensions.

There is an equivalent Storm case - the 2700 (http://www.jitpak.com/peli-storm-cases-medium/peli-storm-2700-case-13400-inc-free-delivery.html) - which is slightly cheaper, at least on JitPak (I have no affiliation with this site, but have found them to have good prices and quick delivery).

With an aluminium backplate, no weights and an empty scrubber, this would weigh-in at 23kg

This is the case packed and ready to go:


The stand comes off the unit and sits alongside the canister.

The scrubber and head remain in the canister with the top hoses folded in with the handle along with the controller in an old VR3 case (the Shearwater foam case is better).

Normally the regs would go in too (rolled-up inside the stand frame), but as I'm taking a full scrubber, the tube weights and my 6mm backplate on this trip, they had to go in my other bag to save weight (this is just over 30kg).


The wing and backplate are folded-up and placed around the stand:


The backplate then sits on top:


I then secure it with a strap and a couple of cable ties. A few more cable ties are taped inside the lid with a polite note explaining the contents to the security guys and asking them to re-secure it once they've inspected it (they normally do).