View Full Version : Cyklon as a BOV on a KC

17-01-2015, 04:23 PM
I was at Capernwray today and I spotted a KISS Classic with what looked like a Cyklon second stage fitted as a BOV.

Is that owned by anyone on here ?

I went back to speak to the owner but they had gone..

I have a *lot* of spare Cyklons and I was thinking I could do that mod myself...

17-01-2015, 05:07 PM
Cyklons work best when they're used. infrequent use tends to build up a corrosion ridge in the barrel behind the LP seat holder.

When you then breathe off them, you'll get a hard cracking pressure, that then gives way to free flow you cant stop. This happened on a couple of sets of stage regs I had, despite decent rinsing.

17-01-2015, 06:01 PM
Burgerworld, Google kiss bov omega - it's a fairly common mod to put an oceanic omega into the std kiss bov.