View Full Version : Suunto D4 battery change advise!?!?

18-09-2014, 02:51 PM

Has anyone ever changed a Suunto D4 battery themselves? My battery just died on a recent holiday. I have a basic knowledge of watch repairs/servicing (I did it for a job a while ago).

It is actually very straight forward changing the battery on these units but wondered if anyone has done it and what people think. I have all the equipment for opening all kinds of watches and the tools etc to clean the casing and replace the O ring.

I heard it voids the warranty if it is done by a non Suunto qualified engineer but mine is well out of warranty so it does not effect me.


18-09-2014, 03:36 PM
It is worth buying the genuine Suunto kit if you can.

Suunto computer watches (not the standalone computers) can be fussy about batteries.

There is a very slight physical difference between Duracell CR2430 batteries as made and sold in Scandinavia in comparison with ones made elsewhere in the world. Sometimes this will stop the battery fitting in the case and making the correct contacts.

Get the official Suunto kit and it will have the Scandinavian battery and will work, buy a different version and it may or may not work.

Make sure the contacts and battery surfaces are clean, even a tiny film of silicon grease transferred from your fingers can cause an undervolt and give you spurious readings.

If, when you've put the battery back in and you're sure it is clean but you're still getting nonsense then pop the battery back out and try shorting the terminals to reset.