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  1. Not far from Vobbi
  2. A14 Ipswich to Brum
  3. TDF post Plymouth to Midlands?
  4. bournemouth -kent 1st feb week end
  5. TDF post from Kent to NDAC, Bristol or Cardiff (if I'm lucky)
  6. TDF post available -North Wales
  7. TDF Post: small item from Chester to N/NW London either direction weekly Jan/Feb
  8. Anyone to Hurghada?
  9. TDF Post needed to the Lot, in France
  10. TDF Post needed to the Netherlands
  11. Teynham, Kent to West Yorkshire
  12. TDF post available : North Wales - Mauritius
  13. Exeter to Detling
  14. SW London to Vobster?
  15. Anyone going to Oz, in Feb or Mar
  16. TDF post offer
  17. TDF Post Offer - Bath/Manchester/Chorley
  18. TDF post offer Plymouth to Portsmouth or back - 24/1/2013
  19. Portsmouth to up North, Scotland preferably.
  20. TDF post needed! UK to Sharm....
  21. TDF post from Cardiff to Chester or even just to Birmingham
  22. Weymouth to up North
  23. Post offered: Portsmouth to Plymouth
  24. UK to Mexico or return!
  25. TDF Post ... Plymouth to Cardiff/NDAC
  26. TDF Post Needed! London (NW2) to Midlands/North West
  27. Post offered: Glasgow to Capernwray (and back again)
  28. TDF Post - Basingstoke area to Bristol area
  29. TDF Post Needed - London to Newton Abbot or Plymouth
  30. Liverpool (st Helen's) down to London area (herts)
  31. TDF Post - Stoney to Kent this Sat 30th Mar
  32. Harrow to Stoney Friday or to NDAC Saturday
  33. Cylinder pick-up in Epsom, Surrey
  34. Rowing Machine Pickup from Barry!
  35. Post offered: East Lancs to Aberdeen
  36. Surrey/London to NDAC - 7 litre cylinder
  37. Help
  38. TDF postal services UK/EU - US
  39. TDF Post Offered: Portsmouth / Plymouth / Leicestershire
  40. Swanage to London. Postal or by hand.
  41. Portsmouth (Gosport) to Cam , Gloucestershire.
  42. TDF post from Milton Keynes to Newcastle upon Tyne
  43. Ibstock to Leeds West Yorkshire
  44. Spain to UK
  45. Chester/Cannock to Oban/Mull
  46. Cromhall Quarry to Cheltenham
  47. Twin set from Nottingham to M6 junction 20 - 26
  48. (Non Diving) TDF post Colnbrook (near Wrayspuddle) to NDAC
  49. Two 3 litre cylinders and Buddy bands from Derbyhire/S Yorks to Orkney
  50. TDF Post requested: Gloucester to Leeds, West Yorkshire
  51. London to Plymouth
  52. Help Required: Transit Van Seat!
  53. TDF post offered...
  54. TDF post req, Wraysbury area to Devon please
  55. Post From Staines/Wraysbury to Grantham, Gildy or Stoney
  56. west yorkshire to plymouth? Two sets of twin 7s
  57. Post from down to Plymouth
  58. TDF Post - Waterlooville, Hampshire - North Wales
  59. Manchester - Edinburgh/Glasgow or even Aberdeen if you are feeling awesome
  60. Tyne and Wear to London, Warrington or Just Down Souf......
  61. Help wanted, Oban to Plymouth
  62. Help wanted please, Bristol to Portsmouth, or Stoney Cove, or London, or...
  63. Kings Lynn to South Yorks
  64. TDF Post Request - South West to Hartlepool
  65. Kings Lynn to Nottm/Derby
  66. Offered: Doncaster to Weymouth
  67. TDF Post from UK to Malta - TDF clothing
  68. TDF Post -Brighton to Bedford/N'hampton regularly, and occasional Brighton/W Midlands
  69. TDF post requested: Dive show to Cardiff/NDAC
  70. TDF post needed - Lincoln to Derby
  71. Tentative tdf post lincoln to plymouth
  72. WTD: Pick up in Bristol
  73. Offered: Portsmouth to Plymouth and return Plus detours various.
  74. Plymouth to somewhere near liverpool
  75. TDF Post Offered: Leicestershire to St. Ives (Cornwall) and back again w/e 9/11/13
  76. TDF post required- Wiltshire to Derby
  77. Anyone need TDF post from Reading (ish) to W-S-M/Bristol (ish) or back over Xmas?
  78. TDF post offered -Colchester - Stirling 27/12 and return 30/12
  79. Bass guitar from Oldham to Derby or Birmingham.
  80. Leeds - London weekly
  81. Cheshire - Edinburgh TDF post available
  82. Gatwick to Luton / St Noets
  83. UK-Mexico
  84. Northampton to Tamworth.... or Devon
  85. There and back again (Manchester to Stirling Kestle Run)
  86. Complicated request TDF post Edinburgh to Maidstone needed - really need help!
  87. Offered: London-Northampton; Wanted: Dorset-London
  88. London to Edinburgh
  89. Wanted Sussex to Derby
  90. Offering: loughborough to plymouth
  91. offer: Vobster/Bath area to Wraysbury/SW London or the other direction
  92. Wanted: Plymouth to central London
  93. Plymouth to Portland or Sussex / Surrey
  94. Doncaster to Fife area
  95. Farborough -> Cambridge
  96. Help getting a S/H HUD in from USA
  97. TEK Camp to Bristol
  98. Malta Divewise to the UK
  99. Vobster or Bath to Southwest London
  100. Wanted: London to Leeds (Yorkshire)
  101. Wanted: Plymouth/A38 to London (Ilford/A12 or City)
  102. Offered: SW London to Truro
  103. Bournemouth/Poole to Eurotek
  104. Offered: Herts / Bucks / Reading to Warrington
  105. Offered: Yorkshire - Kent - Birmingham (Eurotek) - Yorkshire
  106. offered: london to Vobster area
  107. Wanted: Preston to London
  108. Wtd New Zealand to UK
  109. Plymouth to Othree
  110. Chepstow to Stevanage
  111. NEC Birmingham this weekend to Leeds
  112. Crawley to the NEC.
  113. Plymouth, Chepstow, NEC
  114. TDF post required from Chepstow to London N1
  115. TDF Post required from Dorchester/Wareham to dive show tomorrow
  116. TDF Post Request: Birmingham to Glasgow (or possibly Preston)
  117. Bit of a long shot: TDF post from Great Yarmouth to Plymouth or anywhere near??
  118. TDF Post: Eye, Suffolk to pretty much anywhere :)
  119. TDF post: tower bridge area London to Swindon
  120. TDF Post Cambridge to Guildford
  121. Bournemouth to Cambridge
  122. Is anyone up in Scapa this week who will be returning to the west country?
  123. TDF post offered: Yorkshire - Kent - Yorkshire
  124. TDF post request: Bristol to Glasgow
  125. Offered Leicestershire to various
  126. TDF post - Kent to Stirling/Manchester
  127. TDF post Sheffield to Bristol required
  128. TDF Post wanted - Northern Ireland
  129. TDF post: Scapa to Leeds
  130. TDF post: Leeds to Scapa
  131. TDF Post Offer - London <=> Wiltshire
  132. TDF Post - Scapa to Aberdeen
  133. London W12 to up North
  134. Tdf post - London to Cancun
  135. TDF Post - North Yorkshire to London
  136. Anyone near Great Yarmouth?
  137. Not exactly post, Does anyone have a fax machine in use?
  138. TDF post offered - Yorkshire-Plymouth return
  139. Anyone doing Plymouth to Weymouth?
  140. TDF Post request. Blantyre to somewhere south. Leeds or Essex/London/Kent
  141. Plymouth to Hornchurch barkham and dagenham
  142. TDF Post offered - Leeds / St Abbs / Kent / Leeds
  143. TDF post help required.
  144. TDF post required Leeds-Swanage
  145. TDF Post from Lewes to Portland
  146. Non-dive related postage.
  147. TDF post Norwich - NDAC or Stoney Cove
  148. Anyone going to Sharm/Dahab please?
  149. Stoney / Scarborough and Stations North / Return to south coast
  150. Required: Weymouth to Surrey/Berkshire
  151. Bournemouth to London - tomorrow?
  152. East mids to portland (othree)
  153. Posting a suit inflate cylinder or Plymouth to Lincoln
  154. Selsey to London Request....
  155. North Yorkshire to Oban.
  156. Anyone in Brighton coming up to London? Could you bring a twinset?
  157. Chepstow (ndac) to West Midlands
  158. Portland to Leicestershire
  159. Belfast to London
  160. Devon to Kent?
  161. TDF post help needed in Bradford, West Yorkshire
  162. Bristol to either teighmouth area or Surrey
  163. Anyone going from Vobster to London (or to the Go Dive Show) in the next week or so?
  164. Plymouth to birmingham/solihull area?
  165. West Mids to Capernwray?
  166. Lancs to Cornwall/Devon
  167. NE Hampshire to Vobster Quay