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  1. Basc 2012 incident report
  2. Guidance from BOC on O2 cylinder use following fire at a hospital
  3. Diving in very cold water
  4. Prism2/explorer bov quality notice
  5. Aladin Square recall
  6. Direct line insurance - does it cover diving?
  7. Guidance for rebreatherdiver from Si Tech
  8. Marine stings including jellyfish
  9. Medium Pressure hose degradation
  10. Use of Heat Packs inside Drysuits - DON'T!!
  11. are you fit to dive
  12. Urgent and important! NHS Consultation on future of HBOT chambers
  13. Be careful cleaning hulls etc in Marinas
  14. Epirb - Important Safety Information
  15. Hodge Close - Rockfall
  16. Using a Compressor when Farmers have been spreading slurry
  17. Neptune mask recall
  18. Ocean Reef dual tan valve
  19. Subea SPG recall on OPSS website
  20. Aqua lung comp recall