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  1. Do you hog loop?
  2. Aberdeen University Marine Survey - Expires Sunday 20th January
  3. Occupations
  4. Preferred diving holiday?
  5. To EU or not EU
  6. Are there enough Frucks anymore?
  7. Monday 11th.
  8. Do you believe in ....
  9. Ant and Dec?
  10. Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?
  11. Surfing on the Throne?
  12. DSMB Deployment
  13. Organ donation
  14. ChristianG
  15. Marmite or vegimite
  16. Are you a member of the TDF FACEBOOK cabal/group/thingy?
  17. Websites and PAYPAL.
  18. June Non-Diving photo comp Voting
  19. The actual Poll for June non-diving
  20. June Diving photo comp Voting!
  21. Scotland independence?
  22. Should would be rUK citizens get to vote on Scottish Independence?
  23. Do we need more threads on Scottish independence or is 3 enough?
  24. You can't beat a nice pair?
  25. Maintenance and servicing
  26. Are you old?
  27. The BBC!
  28. Pee Pee Eye?
  29. Actual photographs or images created by tampering with the original?
  30. Poll for versions of Tim Diggers Truuk photo.
  31. EU / in, out shake it all about?
  32. Dive Watches use them or not?
  33. Vote for July 2016 underwater photo comp (shoals)
  34. High visibility gear
  35. Your Dream Dive Centre...
  36. Do you talc your undercarriage in hot weather?
  37. Are you naked in the heat?
  38. Who is with who?
  39. Warning Beepers on underwater devices.
  40. vote for April 2019 underwater photo comp "well disguised"
  41. Vote for the May 2019 Non Diving photo competition entries - THE REAL ONE
  42. Are you (or your club) wearing face coverings on dive boats?
  43. Mouthpiece retainer strap
  44. Non diving market research.