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  1. Stupid things your other half has said
  2. Using a mobile phone whilst driving
  3. Things I Hate - A Comedic Rantesse
  4. Leaving your rubbish on the beach
  5. Are we really here?
  6. answer the question or just dont bother
  7. Preparation for Friday's ruck
  8. Can everyone please stop posting
  9. Anti-malarials
  10. Huh
  11. Please read and share
  12. America's gun culture, how can they get it SO wrong?!?!
  13. those strange people with imaginary friends really bemuse me
  14. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want ...
  15. Celebrity this Celebrity that
  16. As divers we support marine conservation but ....
  17. Well, I never like him.
  18. Phrases you don't hear very often
  19. NHS stop smoking advert - every bloody 5 mins
  20. Shaving hints and tips
  21. Idiots driving on Snow & Ice
  22. Post - Couriers - Deliveries
  23. Facebook rants
  24. Human white noise machines
  25. Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh :(
  26. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
  27. Gerald Scarfe cartoon
  28. Just wanted to say thanks :-)
  29. Divers to sue BBC for repetitive dive advice
  30. Sorry!! I only ordered a cheeseburger and you have charged me for a Big Mac!!
  31. Taxis.
  32. What price a life?
  33. How the hell did that happen?
  34. Valentines day next week ..
  35. Manly man
  36. Ffs!
  37. working away from home
  38. Agencies - Anologies...
  39. Why scared people with guns are dangerous.
  40. Have you ever heard anything so ...........
  41. Marital coercion?
  42. Time, you complete and utter stabard, slow down FFS!
  43. Visas
  44. Public Toilets
  45. Sixt. And Europcar. W@nkers
  46. Bloody Cyclists!
  47. Trying to work out how I feel about this
  48. I'm a Baby Boomer and I'm tired of being told I've had it easy!
  49. Disgusted with Sandhurst......
  50. Every poxy ****ing ****ing ********ing time!
  51. Foodbanks
  52. Why??
  53. Feeling a bit let down - or are my expectations too high?
  54. There are times ....
  55. When is an Honorary member not an Honorary member?
  56. Do all banks allow you to go into unauthorised overdraft with your debit card?
  57. children growing their own bacon
  58. Devon Divers face restrictions on takes
  59. Mobility of Labour
  60. Dive the world Magazine
  61. HR/ Redundancy .... problems with getting leave approved - again!
  62. Shark Cartilage for sale on Amazon???
  63. What a con!
  64. I don't "get" Jazz.. Discuss.
  65. Grrrr. Argh.
  66. Logun, I demand an apology
  67. Never mind the Euro is this the end for the Pound?
  68. abusing the NHS
  69. Are you @fivemetrestop?
  70. My Dog Died Yesterday
  71. I don't think people should be supporting PETA
  72. Skyfall
  73. Milk delivery
  74. Milk delivery
  75. Duvet Covers!
  76. Caveat Emptor! I got ripped off by a TDFer.
  77. Instructional Standards, or Rather Lack Of...
  78. Record shark killed
  79. Out of stock items
  80. Rant warning
  81. Shakespeare...or was it de Vere!?
  82. Privatisation of Royal Mail
  83. Every fucking year!!
  84. Heatwave drownings
  85. Male only Dive Club.
  86. Chrome: FFS!
  87. Tapatalk wants access to my twitter account!
  88. Wraysbury issues
  89. Silly Season on the roads!
  90. Would you line drysuit boots with cardboard?
  91. I continue to offend!
  92. You Frame photo collage
  93. Bloody Thomson
  94. Facebook hoaxes "This child has skin cancer......."
  95. Political correctness gone mad
  96. Sex abuse cases
  97. How is it that time already?
  98. BL**dy Daily Express again!!!
  99. That's Ruined my Weekend!!
  100. Shark Caught in Jersey
  101. Lessons that SHOULD be taught at school
  102. Not diving is boring
  103. Scrambled Eggs.........
  104. Couriers.
  105. Scottish independence. I couldn't care less. Convince me otherwise.
  106. Black Friday WTF
  107. French Bottom Trawling
  108. Let's segregate; after all, what pure-minded man would want to sit next to a woman?
  109. Why it is not worth the effort to organise trips for "friends"
  110. What if this had been a car driver?
  111. Fat children
  112. The things some people find funny...
  113. Another Scam involving Paypal
  114. What the hell are they thinking!
  115. Fucktard of the week
  116. Facebook finally removes the soldiers should be murdered and raped page
  117. BT Fcukin Sport
  118. What do these people think they are doing?
  119. i hate power companies
  120. Who does their Customer Service Training?
  121. Out of date websites
  122. Celebrity gambling advertising.
  123. Refused to take my Scottish tenner...
  124. Blood donor appointments, is it always this bad
  125. Sponsored Endurance Event
  126. Ethical dilemma
  127. Who are we backing in Syria and who are we against in Iraq ?
  128. PCC Shaun Wright and other such clowns
  129. I'm so cross that I could .......... do something!
  130. Accident Entertainment
  131. Travel Insurance Rip-off
  132. Phones 4 U
  133. Cameron lays it down - Cassetteboy
  134. Credit Controllers!
  135. Effing weather....
  136. Anyone else?
  137. Energy renewal time!
  138. WTF is wrong with people?
  139. Things I like / love
  140. Is spidging stealing?
  141. Lorry drivers, for the love of God, why ?
  142. Variable Speed limit motrways - Pick one speed damn it.
  143. Drinking and driving!
  144. X Factor and Jeremy Kyle?
  145. One down. 9.4 million to go....
  146. Life is Toff
  147. Grayson Perry loses his driving licence.
  148. The daily rant
  149. Social backbone
  150. Sometimes...
  151. Robot callers
  152. Iv'e just watched Rocky's speech.
  153. The Baloney Detection Kit: Carl Saganís Rules for Bullshit-Busting and Critical Think
  154. Aluminium kit
  155. Pubs should not serve food!
  156. Neighbours
  157. Finally a reason not to hate Ikea
  158. Solar eclipse
  159. Bowe Bergdahl to be tried
  160. Fcuking People!
  161. Car Tax...
  162. Dear Gideon.....
  163. Coming to a pub near you?
  164. Women's Rights
  165. What have you found?
  166. The surprising downsides of being clever
  167. Astronomy
  168. BTS Banned?
  169. Party Politicking vs Principles, Honesty and dare I say it Collaboration
  170. Drug Traffickers
  171. Effing weather.... (2) the remake.
  172. Currys and PC World staff
  173. Feckin kids, think they are immortal!!!
  174. New local Dive Site
  175. General Election - Outcome Predictions
  176. EU referendum
  177. Devolving of powers.
  178. What not to do in a fish tank
  179. Maxi-scooter rant
  180. Relationship with your Local Rinky Dink
  181. Lane Blocking
  182. Glasto
  183. Don't tell the bride!
  184. Retail Therapy at 3.30am....
  185. Is the law a total ass?
  186. Unusual requests
  187. I'm offended...
  188. How do you feel about J.C. ? No not stigmata man, Corbyn the labour leader candidate.
  189. Italian Grand Prix
  190. Don't you just hate......
  191. Corbyn and militant unions
  192. Pictures thread?
  193. Who needs satire?
  194. I can't believe it's not lubbox!
  195. Why did they get on the f**king train in the first place?
  196. Music that fires you up
  197. Sepp Blatter....the end?
  198. Fridge thief
  199. so this is what they get up to in Norfolk
  200. Don't forget to change your clocks
  201. Storms, Names and Morons
  202. everything that is wrong with the way things are run in one article
  203. 230 foot organ!!
  204. New New Zealand Flag
  205. New instructor on the block
  206. WTF is going on?
  207. Slatwall Full of Chinese Exports
  208. Morgan Stanley
  209. Need a little rant...
  210. Block Trump - petition even the cynics can get behind
  211. Donald Trump
  212. The cheek of some people.....
  213. Question to the professional photographers.
  214. BSAC HL/PD U-Turn Inbound?
  215. A bit of history...
  216. We're doomed through stupidity
  217. You know you've been diving too long when...
  218. Say what? In English!
  219. B****y Lycra Louts!
  220. Bloody bag tax
  221. Wordsmiths
  222. is Elon right?
  223. is Elon right? #2 is homosexuality the future of mankind?
  224. What's the skinny
  225. Who's doing all the reporting of posts?
  226. Egypt and free speech
  227. Legal speak? Definitions.
  228. Bloody ..........hell! FUJIFILM!
  229. Has anyone else somehow managed to...
  230. Candidates for BSAC Election 2016
  231. TDF Dad's Army
  232. Really........?
  233. Harris's Law
  234. I love it when people stick to their principles...
  235. Taring with the same brush.
  236. Grrrr! Over an hour to change a poxy headlight bulb!
  237. Planning non-diving events on neaps weekends
  238. Free speech; this time it's us.
  239. Top Gear Preview
  240. Weather moan
  241. The Saudis, again, make us look good...
  242. Lidl Action Cam
  243. TDF (this website) has been down...
  244. TTIP - no wonder the government suppressed its own report for so long
  245. Bring back Paulo
  246. Who was ammers and why was she famous on forum tumbleweed??
  247. Bloody freeloaders!
  248. Looking for diving picture ... phallic deco reg
  249. BSAC- How many attractive members?
  250. Tits................