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  1. UHMS #39 Paper on Unconscious Diver Recovery
  2. A flag awareness posters
  3. The dangers of high pressure O2
  4. Unconscious Diver Recovery and Implications: Discussion
  5. Presentation on Just Culture & Reporting Culture – Now Online
  6. Rebreathing the bladder of your BCD and why you shouldn't...
  7. HSE Report (2011) - Assessment of manual operations and emergency procedures for CCR
  8. Incident at the Poor Knights, New Zealand (16/03/13)
  9. Lights Essential in Finding 'Man Overboard' following Sinking at Night and Rough Seas
  10. Recall on Aqualung and US divers Junior masks
  11. Petrol is flammable
  12. E-Petition to save Portland's Coastguard Helicopter
  13. Incident 6 May 2013 in West Bay
  14. Fatality: Lundy Island 4 May 13
  15. 2 UK diver fatalities
  16. Safety Alerts re diving from Queensland - Pertinent to Dive Centres/Fill Shops
  17. A sailor's plea
  18. Diver attacked by a conger
  19. Blue Horizon incident ??
  20. Following on from the fatal at Ginnie Springs
  21. Strange behaviour in Lyme Bay - 18/8/13
  22. Nitrox/gas recoring sheets
  23. Important Safety Notice Regarding High Pressure Rubber Hoses
  24. Diver fatality off Lowestoft
  25. Capernwray
  26. Capernwray
  27. HSE guidance on neck seals
  28. Death in Cozumel.
  29. 2 divers die in Finnish Cave
  30. Diver dies in NZ accident
  31. Does NHS cover re compression treatment?
  32. Why do free flows cause rapid ascents?
  33. Fatality in Jersey yesterday evening.
  34. 2014 DISMS Diving Incident Report Published
  35. Test 3
  36. Test 4
  37. RIP essexbloke - Chris Mehegan
  38. Incident Awareness
  39. Diver dies at St John's Point Donegal 12/07/14
  40. Selsey Lifeboat Launch delayed by Divers
  41. Body found in search for snorkeller
  42. The Devil is in the Detail...
  43. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics...A Blog
  44. Feedback Requested: Inclusion of media reports in incident reporting systems
  45. Incident Reporting Systems - Why Have Them?
  46. Who regulates Health and Safety for commercial divers in the North Sea?
  47. Only 20% of Surgeons would like to use a checklist in their own operations...
  48. Dive insurance when not on hols
  49. 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2014 DISMS Report Published
  50. insurance for diving abroad and medicals
  51. Human Factors Presentation at St Albans BSAC - 25 Mar 15 20:00
  52. Two Video Clips Worth Watching - Human Factors and Incident-related
  53. 2 overseas fatalities inquest report - Maldives fatality from 2012
  54. Further Inquest in Cork
  55. Diver Medic and Aquatic Safety Magazine - Survey Looking for Feedback
  56. How to consider incidents and how they are discussed...
  57. Incident Involving Drop Bottle and Deep Diving
  58. DiveMaster Insurance - Press Release re: Liability Coverage
  59. Flow Charts for Kirby Morgan Hat Failure and Fire in the Dive Decompression Chamber
  60. Learning from Incidents - Swiss Air Force Video
  61. Divers rescued from sinking boat which ran aground in Highlands
  62. Unfortunate incident
  63. Just Culture - Referring to Recent Fatality in Thailand
  64. HSL Research into "The provision of breathing gas to divers in emergency situations"
  65. Buncrana Slipway Deaths
  66. Diving Insurance
  67. BBC: What can doctors learn from pilots and cyclists?
  68. Study on the effect of Sildenafil (one of the ingredients in viagra and DCS
  69. Diver life lost on the Rondo
  70. Careful When Unclipping and Clipping SPG
  71. 2 diver fatalities at Mornington Pier, Vic, Aus
  72. [GOV] Search and Rescue Helicopter Statistics: Quarters 2 & 3 2015
  73. Insurance and Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments - Guernsey.
  74. Ascent above sea level after diving.
  75. Why is it so hard to talk about failure?
  76. We all make errors. Letís not judge those involved without understanding...
  77. Making the call.
  78. Ambulance Oxygen Cylinder Explosion?
  79. Inquest outcome
  80. Supporting RNLI and St Abbs Lifeboat - Improving your knowledge at the same time
  81. Diving With Contact Lenses
  82. Drowning Doesnít Look Like Drowning
  83. New Research, understanding experiences of serious incidents at sea and on the coast
  84. Oxygen tank fire.... ccr.....
  85. Nautilus or McDurmo?
  86. Freediver died at Dahab's Blue Hole
  87. Diver missing off Dover
  88. Shortness of breath
  89. New HSE bulletin 18 April 2018
  90. Diver dies at Ċirkewwa
  91. Near Miss - Non Diving Incident
  92. Navy Seals race launch cave rescue.
  93. Accident @ Capernwray
  94. 6 dead :(
  95. NDAC yesterday 6th October 2018
  96. Diver missing off Eastbourne
  97. Diver deceased near Bovisand
  98. Fatality at national Dive Centre
  99. Death at Scapa Flow
  100. Review of UK Search and Rescue helicopter service
  101. Another one down :(
  102. Charter boat fire - California
  103. 2nd death on the Britannic in a week
  104. Always Open Your Cylinder Valve Fully
  105. Diving insurance.
  106. Commercial Diving medical renewal
  107. Request for information
  108. Interesting Decompression study
  109. Aqualung Calypso and I330 R and I 100 recall
  110. Incident in Albania
  111. Another Malta Court Case following a diving death
  112. Two dead in the Maldives
  113. Saw My 1st Dive Accident
  114. Might be better just to fit wheels to it...