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  1. Question
  2. What's your favourite squidge?
  3. Britain's Sea Mammals - book review
  4. Diving with sharks? Try Bondi beach
  5. East Anglian Seasearch course
  6. 500 dolphins!
  7. Trapped Orca
  8. Conservation alert - crabs in danger of extinction....
  9. Bite-Back Shark and Marine Conservation, in the news....
  10. Wayward Seal in the Severn
  11. Mackerel off the menu
  12. Fish geek alert - guide to Atlantic fish / marine life??
  13. Dolphin asks for help
  14. I got 4/7 - must try harder!
  15. Any takers for fish or general marine ID courses in Norfolk?
  16. Seal eating octopus
  17. Tracking Hammerhead Sharks
  18. I see your Seal eating Octopus thread and raise you a Shark
  19. yet another survey
  20. The thought processes of fish
  21. The elusive octopus
  22. Seasearch Marine ID course at Sheringham Park March 30th and 31st, cost £60.
  23. Guardian Article on UK Fisheries
  24. Giant Otters of the Amazon - Natural World - a new dive experience??
  25. Penguins!!!
  26. A a nudi with a disposable Peenous? whatever next!
  27. Fish habitats and behaviour
  28. Bite-Back - new t-shirt design, your opinions please
  29. Baby Bamboo Sharks
  30. Super King Prawns
  31. The Things I Do.
  32. Additional shark species to be offered protection by CITES
  33. Singing snorkellers used as 'chum' to attract Beluga whales:
  34. Yucatan cenotes
  35. Little fishie among the Jewel Anemones
  36. Fish ID books or online source - UK waters
  37. Book of the seashore
  38. Ship run aground in the Farne Islands
  39. In at the Sharp End.
  40. Seasearch Fish ID course April 28th Yarmouth, Norfolk
  41. Divers and anglers workshops
  42. Kit for scientific study
  43. Swimming with monsters..
  44. Record low year for the Japanese whaling fleet!
  45. New fish geek book to the collection :)
  46. Marine ID course, 10-11th August, Sheringham, Norfolk
  47. The Mantis Shrimp
  48. TV Tonight: Secret Lives of Rockpools
  49. Eels
  50. Hebrides: Islands on the edge
  51. Spot of Friday fun - are you a turtle nerd?!
  52. Any basking sharks about yet?
  53. Portland Harbour Outer Breakwater Today
  54. Petition to Holland, against exporting Fin Whale on behalf of Iceland
  55. Please sign to save our squidge and fish
  56. Titan trigger nesting duration?
  57. Doggie fashion
  58. Turtle conservationist killed by poachers in Costa Rica
  59. How it's done. Great Hammerheads.
  60. Finally a name for tiny buzzy Red Sea animals asked about on the other place
  61. Stop Illegal Fishing at Ras Mohammed.
  62. Good news for the park, bad for the islanders
  63. Sharks at Chesil!
  64. Mystery solved: How seals can hold their breath underwater
  65. Upcoming Seasearch East courses
  66. BSAC SeaLife Tracker App
  67. Tenerife dive centre, it seems thinks it's fine to handle animals....
  68. Giant Mussel Found In Plymouth
  69. Star Fish on Tip Toes
  70. Swimming Queen Scallops
  71. A massive ray seen in Chesil today
  72. New life in Brighton
  73. Victory for small fishermen over the big boys
  74. Thresher sharks stun prey with tail slaps
  75. Inshore Trawling
  76. Seasearch Fish ID course Sept 22nd, Sheringham Norfolk
  77. Seasearch East dive week Sunday July 21st to Sunday 28th
  78. Dolphin killed
  79. Crabs and Dabs (roughly 4-11th August) Norfolk squidge diving
  80. Recommend me a reference book(s)
  81. Sharks of the world - want, want, want!
  82. Beautiful Chesil Cove
  83. Let's celebrate UK squidge - PHOTOS
  84. Squidging it up Under Selsey Lifeboat Station today.
  85. Dolphin Hunt in Japan
  86. Miniature John Dory - Very Cute
  87. Bad Form?
  88. UK Squidge ID Books
  89. Dive with, then eat..........
  90. Thresher shark for sale in Exeter
  91. Seasearch talks for dive clubs?
  92. Weightwatchers promote shark as a healthy option
  93. Conger Attack
  94. What did i see yesterday?
  95. Blackfish - on TV
  96. NZ Shark Alliance Petition
  97. 27 new MCZs announced
  98. Drumfish - the prettiest fish in the oggin?
  99. I hate this government
  100. Can anyone id these?
  101. books for squidge identifiers
  102. Possible web cast of Olive Ridley Turtles nesting
  103. Anyone coming to the MCS South East / Seasearch night on the 10th Dec?
  104. Filming Freshwater Fish
  105. Two cans of shark fin soup, $40... bargain
  106. Thursday 2 January. BBC1 2000
  107. Exploring our Oceans-University of Southampton
  108. The Magic of the Big Blue on Quest on now 7pm!
  109. bent trout
  110. El Hierro diving
  111. TV - Dolphins, spy in the pod (BBC)
  112. Great white sharks 'live for 70 years'
  113. Pink Sea Fan Growth Comparison
  114. Cone Shells/Cone Snail
  115. One swallow ......................
  116. scotland underwater
  117. Interested in Marine Biology?
  118. Dolphin harassment
  119. Australia, what on earth is going on?
  120. Todays standard shark story.
  121. Fish guides for tablets.
  122. Shark vs Gd diver
  123. Aussie public consultation on WA shark cull
  124. Not everybody hates sharks
  125. Earthquake Hits South West And Wales
  126. Chile's stunning fossil whale graveyard explained
  127. Can anyone identify these?
  128. New Nudi book - Bernard Picton + others
  129. Great White Shark's epic ocean trek
  130. Peter Rona RIP
  131. Doug Allen
  132. Frog Day
  133. Seasearch East course and diveweek dates
  134. Japan's "Scientific" Whaling Program has been deemed illegal
  135. Divers and the marine world - a survey - please help!
  136. this is just amazing!
  137. From sky to sea: drones hit the ocean
  138. Basking Shark
  139. Can anyone ID these please?
  140. Manta Rays Protected In Indonesia… Or Not
  141. Surgeonfish changing colour
  142. Cuttlefish breeding in Holland last week
  143. Norfolk wildlife
  144. Fin whale group spotted 60 miles off Pembrokeshire coast.
  145. Ok what is it?
  146. Obama extends marine reserves
  147. Barrel Jellyfish
  148. China Bans Consumption of Shark Fin Soup (for endangered sharks)
  149. Deep Diving Rays
  150. Narwhals, their secret revealed.
  151. Best book?
  152. 55 dead sharks on Pwll du beach, Gower.
  153. Great White Shark Chokes On Sea Lion In Australia
  154. Hydroid and bryozoan ID course and road trip!
  155. Amazing whale encounter for kayakers
  156. Helping hand for Scottish squidge
  157. jellyfish ID - any ideas?
  158. Shark fin pricing
  159. Shark vomits on Aussie DJ....
  160. Help with nudibranch ID
  161. Coral reefs being destroted in Zanzibar by blast fishing
  162. Studland Seahorses
  163. Nudi hunting/finding
  164. Man killed in Shark attack- Australia
  165. What did I see in Stoney Cove?
  166. Not a great white shark - calm down dears!
  167. The freedivers who swim with whales
  168. ID help!
  169. Squidging it up off Pulpit Rock today...
  170. Friendly sting-ray!
  171. Ocra hunting Tiger shark
  172. Japanes to re-start whaling program- depressingly unexpected
  173. Diving with dinosaurs on now!
  174. Fishy Fun on the Countess
  175. Tiddlers!
  176. Shark feeding frenzy
  177. Life Story - BBC1 tonight at 9PM
  178. British Marine Fishes going cheap
  179. baby sea otter
  180. Deep water educational video
  181. What it looks like to be chased by a great white......
  182. Is this female reef shark pre-mating activity?
  183. conservation
  184. Anyone know what this octopus is doing?
  185. Just sink the beggars
  186. Protest against 'disgusting' Japanese dolphin cull
  187. White Dolphins?
  188. Sudan Barracuda
  189. Sea Search talk- 29th, London(ish) / Surrey area
  190. Seasearch sponge ID course and dives
  191. Divers properly in the sh*t
  192. lost forest in norfolk
  193. train dumped in ocean :)
  194. Seasearch Observer course Norfolk
  195. and you thought you had seen everything...
  196. Do any clubs fancy a free talk on Seasearch?
  197. Impressive camouflaging octopus
  198. I didn't think trawling could get much worse...
  199. Maldivian encounter with a turtle
  200. Strongest material known to man? A limpet's tooth
  201. Frogfish from Bonaire
  202. Octopus leaps from water to grab crab!
  203. green scallop dredging
  204. Studland Bay Seahorses Petition
  205. Community Seagrass Initiative
  206. Natural History Museum creates 'virtual dive'
  207. Retire? What would I do with myself?
  208. Swimming Scallops
  209. Pink Sea Fan 2015
  210. Chasing fishies on the M2
  211. Divemouse or anyone else who may know.
  212. Saw a couple of these beauties at the weekend
  213. Wild Bird shooting in Malta
  214. MCS Support for Marine Conservation Zones
  215. Hunters of the South Seas Episode
  216. anyone recognise these morons?
  217. SeaGrass re-seeding project in the Helford River, short video.
  218. "Let a Poppy Fly" No!
  219. Poole Bay Artificial Reef
  220. New shark programme on BBC1 - starts 7th May
  221. Interesting Shark Info on BBC Website
  222. 40 quid. No wonder the sea is empty.
  223. Reggae Shark :)
  224. Orca swims under paddleboarder
  225. Starfish on the Gertrude
  226. Free floating orange clubbed sea slug
  227. Deep Sea Super Predator on now Channel 5! (prob best to catch on CH5+1!)
  228. Ooh yeah that feels good . . . . .
  229. Spawning Starfish in Loch Sunart
  230. Well done BDMLR and all those who helped!
  231. Scallop Ranching
  232. Help with ID - Any ideas ?
  233. Large shoal of Pollock on the Pomeranian
  234. The pen is mightier?
  235. Sea Search course, South / East
  236. Sharks off Sussex
  237. Jellyfish ID?
  238. How to avoid shark attacks - oops we did it all wrong!
  239. Please sign and share petition against personal import allowance of shark fin to EU
  240. Hammerhead shark freed from fishing line in Florida
  241. The Thing, off the Turkish coast
  242. Disgraceful behaviour
  243. New series on BBC2 now: Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth
  244. Nature Nuts with Julian Clary
  245. Cleaner Wrasse for salmon farms.
  246. Good example of pro dredging spin
  247. strange crab
  248. Pipe Fish
  249. Big Blue Live BBC1 Sunday 7pm
  250. Blue Whale Sighting in UK Waters