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  1. Background and 'Rules' for Posting in this Sub-Forum
  2. Information Donor - A bit like Organ Donors but Important to Divers
  3. Don't leave your computer on the dive boat!
  4. MOD 2: thoughts and reflection
  5. Oxygen Toxicity incident - August 2010
  6. Probably another Immersion Pulmonary Oedema
  7. Keep a back up of your GPS
  8. Dive incident 14th August 2012 - diving the Audacious, in the Irish Sea
  9. A Just Culture - How to Start Improving Diving Safety By Changing Attitudes
  10. Skin bend (proxy post)
  11. My checklist almost killed me! - Or how I nearly got my Darwin Award!
  12. Suicide clips
  13. Pulmonary oedema 2011
  14. Inwater Recompression Experience and analysis
  15. Removal of BCD and Cylinders underwater - I learned how NOT to do it yesterday.
  16. Start of an Incident pit.
  17. There's always something new - or reasons to 'can' the dive
  18. Spool entanglement
  19. Keep practicing those drills!
  20. CO2 Blob in cold water
  21. A Dreadful Example of Instructor Practice...
  22. My PFO - Previously posted elsewhere...(1 Oct 2009)
  23. Make Sure Drills Practice are Spot on EVERY Time
  24. Time to Invert
  25. Bent Diver - what went wrong?
  26. Niggles and instincts, checks and measures
  27. A learning experience...
  28. Fitness and SAC
  29. small boats - kill cords
  30. CCR divers. Check your bailout and think about mixed teams
  31. How much O2 do you have on your RHIB?
  32. Rebreather Diluent filled with O2 by mistake....
  33. Complacency?
  34. Immersion Pulmonary Edema incident 6/5/13 - Umm Gamar reef, Hurghada, Egypt
  35. I learnt a lesson today
  36. Missed stops 18/5/2013
  37. If in doubt...go up now.
  38. Divers caught in an underwater vortex
  39. Dsmb
  40. Incident filled dive - Where experience matters
  41. If in doubt, go up...
  42. Where's the boat?
  43. Build a routine that works.... and stick to it.
  44. Funny old fill... Why you should fill early and analyse twice!
  45. Dyslexia and tank labels or analyse before use!
  46. Coming back up the shot
  47. The hood hazard
  48. Was I underweighted? Maybe, maybe not...
  49. Dump Valve Failure
  50. STOP is what I did when I found myself lost in a cave.
  51. Silt out and lost line - oops!
  52. Glad I called it in
  53. Could have been SO much worse
  54. High Pressure hose failure - 2 mins to gasping!!
  55. Don't lose your head!
  56. BSAC Annual Diving Incident Report 2013
  57. Reg free-flow incident - as reported by DAN
  58. Delayed onset bend
  59. Service intervals are a guidline only.
  60. Interesting one today...
  61. Joining the "Bendy Wendy" club or How Not to Do it, sometimes. [Long]
  62. simple training diver turns into rapid ascent
  63. PADI Training in South Africa
  64. No diluent on descent
  65. A sticky situation!
  66. The longest dive of my life ...
  67. Unnecessary faff
  68. Try not to drown in the river..(Ressel)
  69. Bad call?
  70. Help I'm stuck
  71. There was a wreck down there?
  72. To many buoyancy things at once !
  73. Helium cause I'm worth it...
  74. Check the loop!
  75. Abandoning Ship
  76. lost at sea
  77. Wrong MOD marking.
  78. Can we learn from all
  79. Some days you're just sh*t
  80. Beware The Current
  81. What would you have done?
  82. PRM & First Aid - Go do a course!
  83. BSAC Annual Diving Incident Report 2014
  84. Searching for a DCI Report from a few years ago
  85. How NOT to teach shot recovery!
  86. Scubapro MK25 AF. AF stands for Anti-Freeze?
  87. Lessons learnt from numpty Chris
  88. self explanatory!
  89. #DISMS Double Fatality June 2014 Inquest Reports and Media Reports
  90. Do remember to clean your p-valve
  91. Out of gas. 10min deco. Stupid stupid stupid
  92. Close shave, but made it......just
  93. First In Cave Failure
  94. Lost line
  95. Golden Rules of Diving - contributions invited
  96. My first hypercapnia hit (how I screwed up and tried to kill myself yesterday)
  97. Always start again at the beginning !
  98. The holes in the cheese.
  99. Sad tale of a number of RB incidents on one huge dive
  100. Entangled in Line
  101. Narc'ed on a Plane
  102. Not entirely turned on.
  103. Bloody Hell.....!!
  104. Do your zip up!
  105. 75% bend rate
  106. JJ-CCR handset battery failure
  107. DCS Incident following Deep Dive Speciality - Likely CAGE
  108. Abandoned dive, CO2 symptoms on descent
  109. Seriously Tangled
  110. GWS Jen
  111. Buoyancy - help me work out where I'm going wrong.
  112. Feeling the cold.
  113. Wet Dreams?
  114. Buddy Checks/Alt Air Source Above Water.........
  115. drmwc gets a bend
  116. Interesting Dive
  117. That "Tight" Feeling
  118. Interesting Exercise
  119. Diver fatality in Scapa Flow
  120. Another diver fatality
  121. Free-flows at depth during Deep Specialty training
  122. Reel-y rope-y...
  123. Lost buoyancy/low PO2/Incident pit on descent
  124. Surface CO2 Hit
  125. CO2 symptoms deep on air
  126. A learning dive!
  127. Never attach a rope to yourself when filling a bucket with water on a moving boat
  128. What would you have done? Cave diving incident
  129. Near miss, always use a line.
  130. An Interesting Morning
  131. Dry Gloves fails - the bubble-hand ascent!
  132. Sticking Drysuit Inflator
  133. rapid ascent from RHIB dive
  134. Bad day at the office...
  135. Bad Day - I now need 2 new computers!
  136. Post bend diving advice?